AboveWaves transcends into a space of their own.

The Chicago quartet infuses pop palatability into shimmering rock 'n' roll for a sound that's as infectious as it is inviting. Fusing elements of classic songwriting and 21st century production, the group—Ryan Greshock [Vocals], Colin Greshock [Guitar], Bryan Walker [Bass], and Lance Bennett [Drums]—doesn't consider anything off limits. There's an alternative energy and a big arena-ready bravado. What more could you want? "Our music is like what might happen if U2 had a baby with Bruno Mars," smiles Ryan.

It's an apropos description that rings true. It's also why AboveWaves has been turning heads since they first formed in 2008. Founded by brothers Ryan and Colin, the group instantly gelled with the addition of Bryan and Lance. In 2008, while performing under the moniker Facing Forward, AboveWaves performed a touching and impactful set for a crowd of over seven-thousand people on a nationally televised VH1 special—Aftermath: The Station 5 Years Later.

Eventually, they joined forces with CTK Management and Neil Warnock of the Agency Group, and now they're gearing up to record their formal debut album. Lining up Grammy Award-nominated producer Steve Wilson and Grammy Award-nominated producer and engineer Mark Needham for mixing, the band is primed to make some serious waves. This is just the beginning for Above Waves. They're going to move you…


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